Do 12 razy sztuka. Czyli co artystom chodzi po głowie?


The book Up to 12 Times a Piece is a journey through a century-long period in art called Modernism, aimed at teenage readers. It presents a period when innovative artistic trends sprang up like mushrooms, a time when artists made many fascinating discoveries and audiences were surprised by their increasingly daring creations.

The book presents twelve selected works by prominent artists, showing through their examples what sweeping changes took place in art from the 1860s to the last decades of the following century. The twelve short stories about the works of art bring readers closer to the artists’ point of view and their motivations, explaining what ambitious plans, but also dilemmas and anxieties were behind their unusual ideas.

The rich and detailed illustrations are a signpost on this journey through the history of art and inspire the imagination of young readers who, like the book’s heroes and heroines, hate boredom and want to discover what is new and unknown.

The book’s illustrator has gone to great lengths to provide an author’s drawing interpretation of each piece, to give you a surrogate of what the objects we have described look like in the original. They are also accompanied by QR codes – just scan them with your phone and you will be taken to a source on the internet where you will see a photo of the real, original work. Enjoy the journey!

Release notes:Title: Up to 12 times a piece. Or what’s on the artists’ minds?
Text: Filip Pręgowski
illustrations: Nikodem Pręgowski
number of pages: 72
format: 21.7 x 28.8 cm
hardback book
ISBN 978-83-956255-5-8
release date: 01.09.2022


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